Blues Forms for Jazz Guitar

Blues Forms for Jazz Guitar This DVD has been upgraded to an online course: it spans the range from 'classic' blues, to advanced jazz blues forms. Over the course of 11 extensive lessons and as many different blues tracks, covering almost 50 videos, you are taken step-by-step from a basic 3 chord blues, and a pentatonic scale, to a full-fledged jazz blues with extended chords, chord substitutions, and scales like dorian, mixolydian and altered. With very cool backing tracks, fretboard display videos, and notation and TABS, this will inspire you to play the blues in all its forms. Also, it is a great way to learn jazz concepts, coming from a blues or rock background.

The original DVD content has upgraded and is now available on Matt Otten Learn Jazz Guitar Community ( .
The DVD is no longer available.

Advantages of the online course: