Loop Fun

A number of videos were recorded using a loop pedal, and posted on YouTube, called Loop Fun (#1, #2, ...). One of those videos is shown below. The backing loops are available here for download in mp3 format, so you can jam on them yourself.

The loops below are not lessons, just material to play and practice with. The loops are cut exactly for looping, so set your media player or whatever you're using to loop playback.

Loop #1 is just an A minor turnaround

Loop #2 is based on the tune 'Valerie'

Loop #3 is based on 'How Insensitive'

Loop #4 is based on 'Someday My Prince Will Come'

Loop #5 is an eighties movie tune (Turkish Delight)

Loop #6 is an improvised loop in Eb

Loop #7 is based on 'Feel Like Makin Love'

Loop #8 is based on 'Yardbird Suite'

Loop #9 is based on 'Lover Man'

Loop #10 is based on Chan's Song

Loop Fun for Xmas is based on Jingle Bells

Download the backing tracks and have fun; you can find links to the videos below.

To learn jazz improvisation, check out the Jazz Exercises.

Loops 1 and 2 are simple single key tunes. Tunes 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10 can easily be found on the web. 

Loop 5 you might not find easily.  The chords of loop 5 are: Fmaj7/Fsus (7x) Fmaj7, B7-5, Bbmaj7, Em7-5/A7+5, Dm7, Db9, Cm9, B9-5, Bbmaj7, Em7-5/A7+5, Dm7, Ab13, Gm7, C9, Fmaj7/Fsus (4x).

Loop 6 is improvised, chords: Ebmaj9/Dbsus, 2x, Cm7, Gb13,  Fm7, Gm7, Abmaj7,Bbsus, Ebmaj9, Bbsus

Xmas loop: you can find Jingle Bells anywhere; only this one modulates from C, to Db, to D and back, that's all.