Solo Jazz Guitar Standards

In 2018 a new book has appeared, called Solo Jazz Guitar Standards, published by Hal Leonard.

This book contains 16 solo arrangements of jazz standards as played by Matt, in standard notation, TABS and with audio access.

16 imaginative arrangements of 16 great jazz standards.

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The tunes are:

My Funny Valentine

You Must Believe In Spring

Days Of Wine And Roses

My Romance


How Insensitive


Nature Boy

Dolphin Dance

Comecar De Novo

Beautiful Love

In Love In Vain

Lover Man

My One And Only LOve

My Foolish Heart

Never Let Me Go

Here's some studying and playing advice about this book. These arrangements are recorded in a loose style, just like a real performance, with arranged and improvised parts. The notation reflects the recording quite accurately, and you can certainly play it exactly as written, but that does not mean you need have to stick it. Feel free to play it as loosely as recorded, in your own style, the way that feels natural to you. You can play with fingers, or with a plectrum, that will also make some difference. It is not classical music, it just captures of a moment of playing, so play it in a way that suits you!

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