Loop Fun

Matt's first DVD product is called Loop Fun. After playing and posting some loops on YouTube, the idea arose to base a number of video lessons on playing loops, that is, playing the backing, and soloing over them. Matt explains on video how to play the loops, what the chords are, what scales to use for soloing etc., and demonstrating all of this. The lessons are presented in a very informal way, with Matt just talking about how he plays his stuff, how he comes up with ideas etc. There are also 20 animated fretboard videos showing both easy and advanced solos in detail. It can be played on Windows PC and Mac**.

The DVD contains 10 original loops; different jazz styles are covered: mainstream, bossa, comtemporary, ballad, funky, waltz...

This DVD is no longer available, it is now being released in part on Instagram as free lesson material.

Watch the full promo on YouTube