Peerless Guitars

Matt Otten is an endorsee of Peerless Guitars. Read the Peerless Guitars interview of January 2015.

Through the link above (or the player below) you can hear some recordings with the Monarch (Sunny, Funny Waltz, Not in Vain, Blue Skies), the Renaissance (Red Beast), and the Cremona (April Song, Scenes from Amsterdam). The tune 'JSC' was recorded with both the Monarch (lead) and the Renaissance (backing). A special edition album is available with these and more recordings: ''Matt Otten plays Peerless Guitars".

Matt with Cremona

Special edition album, with 12 fabulous guitar tracks, played on the Cremona, Monarch, and Renaissance.

You can hear plenty of Peerless Guitar recordings on YouTube, on Matt Otten's channel!

See all the guitar details on the Peerless Guitars web site.

Reputable guitar shops use Matt's videos to showcase Peerless Guitar

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