Go to the online shop to purchase any item here.Several years ago a number of tracks were recorded with guitars from luthier Frans Elferink. A compilation of these tracks was put on CD. Now, it is still available for download, see a flash preview here (please allow some time to load). Two tracks recorded in 2014 were recently added to this selection.

This album no longer available on CD, but still available as a high quality download!

A video with the 18" Excalibur model has been viewed more than a million times!

Visit the web site of Frans Elferink, Elferink Guitars.

Matt's collaboration with Maria Harp has resulted in three albums.

A special project, called "14 Pieces for Harp and Bass" is an album with major roles for 4 world class bass players: Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen (Oscar Peterson a.o.), Gary Willis (Tribal Tech), Pino Palladino (from Neil Young up to John Mayor), Hein van de Geyn (played with practically all major jazz artists). Matt wrote, played and arranged the music, all of which is original.

This cross-over between jazz, fusion, and pop is quite unique. After a release by Timeless Records, the album was re-released in 2007, by CSP Music.

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Matt's first collaboration with Maria resulted in an album of jazz standards, called ''Easy To Love'', released by Quintessence Records. Unfortunately this album is no longer available. A small number of original CD's remains, if you are interested please contact Matt.

An intimate album of guitars and voice is ''Up Close". You can hear it on CD Baby. The album contains standards as well as originals, 15 tracks in total.

The arrangements make use of electric and acousic guitars, that blend beautifully with Maria's sultry voice.

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