Podia online courses


Over the years I have created several jazz guitar educational products. The first ones were distributed on CD with audio and notation/TABS, and these were later replaced by DVD's, because of the increasing amount of video content. Altogether I have made 7 DVD's, with many types of lessons at different levels.  At the time, distributing hours of video online was not yet so easy, and so sending DVD's by mail was the best way to distribute them. Those days are over, and I am now transitioning to online distribution. Moreover, online distribution offers new advantages in terms of flexibility, updating, and interaction.

This means DVD's  are gradually phased out, while the online distribution is being set up on Podia.com. Some DVD's are still available, but once the transition is done, they will no longer be produced. Some DVD's have already been phased out.

Setting up the online platform entails:

One way to stay up to date with the developments on Podia while it is growing is to join the community, free of charge and free of commitment, you can leave anytime.

Four courses are now available on Podia.com:

By the way, I have also written two books published by Hal Leonard; available in printed and in digital format. Since the distribution is done exclusively by the publisher, they are not on the Podia platform. I do not distribute digital copies.