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Please also check out the additional support pages on Matt Otten Support, for general information, and tips on how to use the material, instructions for installation, use of different computers (PC and MAC), video formats etc.

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- did the link take you to the download page?

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- are any of the unzipped files corrupt?

For problems with the product, please state your problem clearly. Furthermore:

- read the pdf guide that comes with the product

Jazz Exercises and Examples

  • this package contains a VST plug-in. Though you can still use it, it is older plugin that has been replaced with fretboard videos in mp4 format. The plugin is only recommended for those familiar with VST plugins.

  • please be aware, the .dll file is a plugin, it does not run by itself. You need a VST host

  • please note the .dll is for Windows only (not MacOS)

  • open the pdf guide, see chapter 8 for installation and use of the .dll

  • there is an instruction video for Reaper on the support pages

  • midi/mp3 synchronisation problem: make sure you set the right tempo for each track, see the tempo indications in pdf guide (appendix: section Midi Files)

  • If you are using Reaper as a VST host: Reaper may have occasional issues of its own, even though it generally works very well. If you have a problem with Reaper itself, check the forum on the web site for latest information. One such problem is that occasionally midi files may show up as ''offline'' after first installation. If that is the case then re-install the program.