Jazz Ration App

'Jazz Ration' is the name of a free web-app that runs on any mobile device with internet connection, that contains a small but essential portion of jazz guitar knowledge. There are chord diagrams for most commonly used jazz chords, and the app provides exclusive access to jazz licks videos and backing tracks.

The content will be regularly updated with new chords, new licks etc. The app will notify you when there is new material added. Also, some links to exclusive video lessons will be posted on a special page.

You can find it here: INSTALL JAZZ RATION. This version can run on all smart phones (HTML5).

An Android version is available on Google Play as well.

You can also install immediately using these QR codes:

Version for all phones and devices.


Android version

When you install this app, you will receive updates with new material, and sometimes exclusive bonus lessons. It's a convenient way to stay up to date with new material and products.

Especially for the video section you need a good connection to the internet, it will work anywhere, but wifi often works best.

Tip: plug in some earphones, and jam with the backing tracks.

Privacy statement: this app does not collect any information from your phone whatsoever. The Android installer may ask access to several sources on your phone, but these sources of information are never collected or used in any way!