Suppose you have been playing guitar for quite some time, and want to get into jazz. But, may be, you're dazzled by loads of theory books, scales, modes, extended chords, etc. etc., where do you start?


You've learned the theory, you know the scales and modes, but everything you play sounds the same: you're in a rut! So how do you come up with an interesting solo?


If either of the above applies to you, you are in the right place!

Here's a compilation video of Matt playing several styles of jazz. Do you want to play like this? You can start to learn this with the right tools and information! 


Now, in the age of YouTube, a few thousand people per day watch Matt's YouTube videos, and are inspired by his sound and melodic jazz style. Many thousands of great comments from listeners should tell you enough!


You can take advantage of his insight and experience! Watch the second video or read on straight away below....

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Jazz soloing is not a matter of heaps of theory, just a little theory goes a long way, but it's a matter of progressing naturally, by knowing what to play, how to create short melodies and phrases, learning how to vary and expand, generating ideas, exploiting ideas, starting to recognize what sounds good and why! But, you need some help, advice, clear and inspiring examples, pointers and tricks, and the right backing tracks to practice with. You may prefer to read TABS, or standard notation, or watch what's happening on the fretboard in real time. It's all there in Matt's exercises!


Many books and methods treat the theory of harmony and scales, but forget the 'music'. Some scales are necessary, but, they don't sound as music if you don't know how the use them in a musically meaningful way. Have you read those books, and thought, now what?? The step from theory to practice, from rules to real music, is often missing. That is what the Jazz Exercises are about: not just rules, but how to start playing and become a creative player!



Over the years, jazz guitarist Matt Otten has earned a reputation as a musician with impeccable tone, always smooth and fluent, tasteful lines, and equally at ease with straight ahead jazz as with contemporary, smooth jazz styles. Many guitarists around the world have named Matt as their favourite jazz guitar player. A musician's musician. The new guitar brand Peerless Guitars invited him to try their guitars and become an endorsee, because of his great sound. He also has a personal and common sense way of explaining his approach to creative improvisation.


Now, in the age of YouTube, about 5000 people per day watch his YouTube videos, and are inspired by Matt´s sound and style. You can take advantage of his insight and experience with Matt Otten's Jazz Exercises and Examples, a package of examples with backing tracks, exercises and examples, from very basic to advanced, with standard notation and TAB, a written guide to the exercises with many tips, plus a software plugin to visually display solos on the fretboard in real time.

Plus, there are two ´refills´ available, one with great swinging jazz tunes, and one with  smooth jazz solos, also with full notation/TABS and backing tracks.


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