As you probably know, I have quite an active Youtube channel, which receives several thousand views per day.

Youtube is a great way to share your own music with many others all around the world.

A couple of remarks though. Questions like 'what strings, amp etc do you use' have been asked so often, that I stopped answering them. If you really want to know, I am sure you will look up my web site, where you can find all that on the gear page.

In general I do not reply often to comments. I just get too many (which is great!) to keep track and takes too much time for me to respond all the time. If you really want response, please email me directly with your questions.

About negative comments (which I do not get much ): I don't mind at all, as long as they are serious comments. Meaningless or plain stupid insults I will remove when I come across them. If you don't like the music, or whatever, fine, that's your opinion. But stupid comments like ''jazz sucks'' will probably be removed, because it is pointless, dumb and malicious drivel, from narrow-minded fools.

A recurring topic is 'smooth jazz'. I use the term often, but it is a generally a misused term: a lot of what is called smooth jazz has little or no relation with jazz. Some people therefore automatically assume that is also true for the music I often play and record; understandable, i just don't know a better way to describe what I play. Sure, a lot of what I play sounds smooth, but the essential part of jazz, extensive improvisation, is always there. I do not play meaningless and endlessly repeated riffs, I improvise 99% of the time. In fact, my 'smooth' improvisations are no different from improvisations in straight ahead swing jazz tunes, standards, or whatever. So, from my perspective as a guitar player, there is no big difference between smooth jazz playing or 'real' jazz, not for me at least. So, when someone refers to it as 'elevator music' or 'weather channel music', I always think: please tell me where I can find these elevators and weather channels, I haven't come across any that feature such instrumental improvisations.

So, be critical in listening, like it or do not like it, but don't categorize without understanding what you are talking about.