The Matt Otten Quartet is a smooth swinging jazz ensemble playing jazz with a contemporary feel. The repertoire consists of some of Matt's own compositions, as well smooth-jazz and pop-jazz tunes and jazz standards. 

Besides Matt, the musicians are:

Steven Hupkens, piano/keyboards (Bart Lust Quintet, Sticky Wicked)

Marcel Eggen, bass

Maarten Zwarts, drums

Steven, Marcel and Maarten, all three graduates of the Rotterdam Conservatory, are long time friends, and have played together and in various other jazz ensembles for many years.

Voorburg Jazz Culinair

The great thing about this band is that their music appeals to a very wide audience, not just jazz lovers. It is for everyone who likes groovy and good-sounding music. On Matt's YouTube channel (millions of views),  the number of comments about Matt's clear tone is literally in the tens of thousands: his taste and sound also prompted guitar manufacturer Peerless Guitars to offer an endorsement, and led world publisher Hal Leonard to propose authoring a solo guitar book, and two books have now been published. This group embraces and complements that personal sound with three great musicians. Whether it is in a jazz bar, theater, or festival setting, this group fits the occasion.

But in stead of trying to describe the music, it's much better to watch and listen below.

For information and booking, contact Matt Otten

To hear more of this band go to the YouTube playlist

With Maria Harp