Private Sessions

Teaching students in private lessons, all kinds of questions and topics pop up; how do you play that tune, what chord fits there, how do you play that, why do you play that mode, can you also use this scale, etc. etc. In that same spirit, the 'private sessions' were recorded in a very informal way. Matt talks about tunes and chords and playing techniques, right from his home studio. There is no format, there is no attempt to make a slick presentation, it's just plain jazz talk, as if you are sitting there on that chair for a private lesson. There are 18 sessions, varying from 5 minutes to 20 minutes, all together nearly 4 hours of instruction. You will learn some standards (Autumn Leaves, Blue Bossa, Lover Man, Stella, Estate) and a lot of jazz guitar practices and some essential theory. No-nonsense explanations make this very accessible and a great learning experience for all aspiring jazz guitarists.

This video package does not contain notation.

The DVD is no longer available. 

Please send a request by  email if you are interested in a digital download ($20).