Jazz Blues in F

These examples are based on a basic blues progession. The melodic theme is very simple and the short improvisations start with variations on the theme, and progressively move further away from the theme, although now and then there is a short reference back to some part of the theme again.

The bass track and midi file are available. If you own the Jazz Exercises package, you can play the midi file with the visualizer, as shown in the video. Of course with the Fretboard Visualizer plugin, you can display the same thing as slow as you want. If you want to play it another midi application, beware that midi channels 11-16 are used for guitar strings 1-6.

Learn to improvise

Learn to improvise with the Jazz Exercises: From basic exercises to full solos, with backing tracks, midi files, TABS and notation, and a guide with explanations and study advice. Also check out the Smooth Jazz Refill and All Jazz Refill.