File Formats

The Jazz Exercises and Refills contain various file formats.

- pdf: this is the format for the e-books and notation and TABS, it is a very generic format for all platforms.

- mp3; this is the sound format, also very generic, and for all platforms

- midi; this is a generic format that is used for the fretbeod visualizer. if you don't have the visualizer, you probably don't want to use it. If you do want to use it, you will need a program that reads midi, and play it and/or display it. If you don't know what midi is, this isprobably not for you, unless you want to learn about working with midi.

(Midi is basically a synth control language that can be used to play midi instruments)

- fretboard videos are in mp4 format (in the downloads package the videos are available online). If you use the videos, you don't need the visualizer plugin.

The DVD's are DVD-ROMs, that is, DVD's to be used on a computer, not a DVD player. The video is in MP4 format.

Some videos are in WMV format as well (Windows video)